The Growers Association Mission

Sugar Beet Harvesting Pile

* Grow strong relationships and effectively communicate with producers and members of the industry.
* Cultivate individuals to serve in leadership positions across the sugar industry and in our rural communities.
* Produce, support, and advance initiatives to maintain a strong U.S. Sugar Program and Crop Insurance protections.

“Promote the interests and be the United Voice for the Red River Valley Sugarbeet Grower”

The Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association (RRVSGA) represents the approximately 2,700 sugarbeet growers from both North Dakota and Minnesota who cooperatively own American Crystal Sugar Company.  The Association is organized into five factory districts.  Each factory district elects its own board of directors and also selects two growers to the executive committee of the Association.  The President is elected at large for one year and may serve a maximum of four years.   The executive committee employs an executive director to manage the affairs of the Association.  Their efforts are funded by a grower check-off deducted from the beet payment.

The Association’s main objective is to be the growers voice for maintaining and improving their profitability through legislative efforts and to provide education to the non sugarbeet grower.

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