Sugarbeet Harvest Jobs

Welcome to the Red River Sugarbeet Growers Association Employment Portal.

Sugarbeet growers in the Red River Valley offer job opportunities for temporary employment transporting sugarbeets from the field to piling sites and also processing facilities.

Each farmer hires with their own terms, negotiated between the farmer and the individual who is engaged. All opportunities, amenities, and negotiations are between the farmer and the hired individual.

This site is meant only to connect people wanting to help with the harvest and individual farmers. RRVSGA is not responsible for any negotiations nor any accidents that occur between a farmer and employee.

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Questions About Working in a Sugarbeet Harvesting Job.

When does harvest normally begin?

October 1st is traditionally the date for the full harvest campaign to begin.

How long does harvest typically last?

Depending upon the weather, harvest can take between 10 days to 3 weeks to complete. The harvest runs 24 hours a day until complete.

What can I expect from weather conditions?

Temperatures are generally in the 30’s to 60’s.  You may experience excessive heat, rain, or snow, which creates challenges in the field and can delay harvest several hours or a couple of days.

What type of truck would I be driving?

Most growers have semi’s or tandem trucks that are 10-20 years old. All trucks are in a safe condition.

Do I need a CDL license to drive the farmers’ trucks?

A CDL license is not required.  Farmers and their employees can haul crops without a CDL in Minnesota and North Dakota.

How many hours can I expect to work?

Depending on the weather, generally, you will drive for 12 hours per day, then have 12 hours off and continue until the harvest is complete. Commonly, harvest lasts anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks to complete.

How long are the shifts?

Each farmer sets their own hours and takes into consideration the weather conditions and their farm size. However, most shifts last 12 hours per day if weather conditions are good.

Are there breaks during my shift?

You are expected to be alert and able to drive for your entire shift.

Is there housing or other amenities?

You will need to ask the specific farmer you are working with.  There are RV campsites in some of the nearby towns. There are also hotel rooms in some of the towns. Some farmers have room on their farm to put an RV and allow drivers to stay there during harvest.

What do I do about food?

You need to purchase your own food and beverage and bring your own lunch box each day.

Is there an approximate amount that I can expect to make during harvest?

All wages are set between the individual farmer and the person that is hired.  Based on an average wage and an average harvest, most drivers can earn around $2,500 – $3,000.

Are there work opportunities during other times of the year?

The answer is maybe. It depends if you are a reliable and safe driver. You will need to ask the farmer if there is additional work.